Foster Martin Band

Celebrates the 25th Anniversary
of their first album
"Willy's Bar & Grill"

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

... dancing courtesy of the music man ...

Kimberley Dawn & Steve Broadhurst
from "Now Country" ("Now Mornings") 104.7 FM
doing the introductions.

Steve Broadhurst is also a multiple award winning drummer ... you'll see him later ...

Ray Martin (man in black) with the semi-acoustic guitar & Alan Popowich with the white fender playing leads.

Family, friends and a lot of dancers.
Some of the dancers I first met at the "Stardust" over 20 years ago.

Current Member of FMB, Brian LeClair (sax & percussion) has now joined the others on stage.

Do you think he's having fun ???

Looks like "Space Invaders" interrupted this pic.

... Break ...

FMB sold cd's for $10.00 (normally $ 15) ... $ 5 of which was being donated to the
"Children's Cancer Care Foundation",
in conjunction with 104.7 FM's fundraising efforts.

~            ~           ~

Steve Broadhurst introduces the current Foster Martin Band.

They introduce Steve Broadhurst as Lyle Foster's "stunt double".
Steve Broadhurst, as I said is a multiple award winning drummer,
and has sat in on recording sessions for FMB.

Brad Eliuk was the sound man for the evening.
Brad plays with Sean Borton in "The Busterkeys"

Ray Martin and Alan Popowich rejoin FMB.

"Goodnight Folks ... Thanks for coming out."

*** What An Awesome Show ***

current band members
click here to visit the Foster Martin Band website

I stole a potion of the following info below, from the Toronto Sun
dated Monday, October 23rd, 2009

Craig Fotheringham is mentioned below, but sadly
passed away on January 8th, 2012 at the age of 58.

~                    ~                    ~