Canada Day
July 1st, 2017
150th Year Celebration

... since we were starting in Transcona to go to "The Forks",
Phyllis & I thought we would stop into the "Transcona Village"
first, just to see what was going on there ...

We actually ran into Sherril, who we had coffee with in one of the restaurants.


-                    -                    -

The Forks

I apologize for the quality of the following images.
I left my camera in the car, instead of dragging it around
thru the crowds, and decided to use the camera in my phone.
A few weeks ago, I had also changed the resolution in the
camera phone, which made things even worse.

Canopy Stage

Main Stage

It was here we found something to eat,
and then went back to the "Canopy" & "River Raft" Stages.

The shows were coordinated alternately .. to not step on each other performances.

We left "The Forks" about 9:00 p.m. ... and drove out to ...

Dugald, MB

Prairie Summer Sunset

We had been to the festivities at Dugald in previous years,
but this was the first time we had parked on the highway to watch the fireworks.
We were on the south side of Hwy. 206 looking north with about 300 other vehicles,
parked on both sides of the highway.

... difficult to take pics of fireworks ... so here's just a few ...

We hope everyone had a great Canada Day on our 150th year.
See you in 2067
(ya right)

Interesting Personal Note:
In 19
67 when I was 17 we celebrated Canada 100
in 20
17 when we celebrate Canada 150, I am 67

Phyllis didn't think it was that interesting of a fact ... LOL
~                    ~                    ~