Well I have the same problem(s) ...

Some individuals believe that some entertainers/performers/artists/musicians[1]
may not want to have their images on this website for a variety of reasons.

The same problem may exist with dancers and or innocent by-standers
[2] ... who may not
want their images on this website ... or feel that by posting images of a successful event,
will lead to over crowding, at same/similar future events.

I have in the past removed or cropped images or blurred out individuals who
had made that request of me.
So ... if I'm injuring only one person  ...from either the two groups
[1][2] above ...
.... then, there must be more.

I thought of taking staged (permission granted) photos at some events,
but this is too much trouble and takes away from the spontaneity of the event,
and totally contravenes my mission statement at the top of my "welcome page".

So ... I GIVE UP ... my cameras will stay at home.

The website will remain up, but only for advertising upcoming events,
so the Winnipeg Dance Community, can still find events they like to attend, just like a "bulletin board".
... but just like another local Winnipeg website, that had a great calendar of events ... 
... it will probably just fade away slowly.

It was a fun hobby while it lasted from 1999 on, but all the fun is now gone,
and I apologize to anyone who was offended or embarrassed in the last 16 years.

PLEASE NO Emails from the dance community, for those who may disagree with my solution.
I have appreciated all the support, over the years.