Country Legends
Royal George Hotel
Sunday, June 25th, 2017

but first the

Sean Borton     Brad Eliuk     Kurt Sabinkoff     Rick Wojcik     Brian Duval

When we first walked in the band wasn't playing,
and the fellow on the left waved at me and I didn't immediately recognize him,
until I had gone over to talk to bass player Rick Wojick and his wife Pat,
and was facing him directly.
To my surprise it was Sean Borton from FMB.
Foster Martin Band may have a surprise for us in the Fall.
They are off to France & Switzerland on Friday.

I have always said it's hard to take a pic of a drummer,
and in Kurt's case, his stick is moving so fast it creates a blur.

I didn't even know Sean played steel guitar.

Rick sat down and they invited Marc Anthony to the stage to play and sing lead.

Pat & Rick
Rick taking a video that you will most certainly see on facebook.

third set ... now they were a four piece ... Brian Duval had to leave

-                    -                    -

David Pestrak
was up first with the band

Aaron Prociuk (A. J. Cash) joined David on stage.

Quinton Blair
was up next with the band.

Ashley Robertson (June Carter Cash) joined Aaron on stage with the band.

... and the finale ...
Quinton and David
came back to the stage

... Great Show by all concerned ...
fun stuff
... Thanks to Greg Pester ... and the Royal George staff ...

I apologize for not knowing the other players names

~                    ~                    ~