Hey People's!!

We are so very excited to start sharing with you the details for our next event.

Please feel free to share your excitement and any of your concerns with me via private message and we will consider your needs.
We are dedicated to making this event successful, motivating to every participant and full of West Coast Swing Love!!


Friday Night, April 6th 2018
8:00 pm - Kick Off, Tail Gate Party

Saturday, April 7th 2018

West Coast Swing Workshops
11:00 am - Beginner Level 2
12:00 pm - Beginner Level 2
1:00 pm - Intermediate
2:00 pm - Advanced

Saturday Evening Dance
8:00 pm - West Coast Swing Dance

Sunday, April 8th 2018

West Coast Swing Workshops
11:00 am - Beginner Level 2
12:00 pm - Intermediate
1:00 pm - Intermediate
2:00 pm - Advanced

Sunday Evening Outing - TBA

On-Line Registration is NOW LIVE!!! 
                        click here

Early Bird Pricing

Beginner Level 2 - $125
Includes access 3 Workshops & 2 Evening Parties

Intermediate - $165
Includes access to 6 Workshops (both Beginner Level 2 & Intermediate) & 2 Evening Parties

Advanced - $65
Includes access to all 8 workshops (both Beginner Level 2, & Intermediate level workshops) as well as 2 workshops
specifically created for the Advanced dancer who is working on their craft as well as access to the 2 Evening Parties
(Such a great deal!!!!!)

We are dedicated to comfort levels of all individuals who would like to take advantage of this incredible opportunity
coming to Winnipeg from outside Manitoba.

For all attendees who will be joining us from outside Manitoba we offer the following

Billeting - for any individuals who would like assistance finding lodging while they are staying with us.
Please reach out and we will assist in finding accommodations for you. Please let us know as early as possible to secure a place for you.

Hot Breakfast - we are so appreciative of your efforts to travel and party with us, we want to feed you.
Please register for early bird pricing and we will ensure that you will be provided a hot breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning for our eager travelers.

Help us make this a success. Come party with us and help our community grow.